Thursday, July 10, 2008

Think Before You Speak

It seems as though people feel free to share their opinions with pregnant women more openly than they do with others. When do people ever say to an overweight woman, "Don't you know what causes that?" Or say to the man with three jobs, "I bet you've got your hands full!"? Or to the couple with multiple cars, "How many more of those are you going to have?" But somehow it is alright to say these things to someone expecting a child. Maybe these comments are meant to be funny or genuine, but they can be hurtful or at the very least irritating.

Having had numerous thoughtless comments directed my way, I try to be careful that what I say not be perceived as negative towards a pregnant woman or a woman with small children.

What good does it do to make a negative comment anyway? If a woman is happy with her situation, a less than happy response is disappointing and discouraging to her. And if a woman is unhappy or scared about her situation, a negative response will not be of any help. She needs encouragement, not more fuel for her emotional fire.

If we truly believe children are blessings, we need to believe it in all situations. They are blessings if they come as a first child or tenth child, to a married woman or an unmarried one.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you. Preach on! I got so annoyed when I was pregnant with Peanut. Everyone at the bank asked if this was my last. I was like, Why? Its only my 2nd. Anyway... I've had my share of comments.

  2. I love the comparisons you make! Very witty and true.

  3. So true! People asked me if I was happy about the baby and it is was good news when I was expecting - with my first! AND asking me if I was going to get "fixed" - I didn't even know I was broken!

  4. Like Heather, people asked me if I was going to get my tubes tied. I couldn't believe people! It was only my second. You would have thought I had 16 kids at home!

    BTW, you were right, chick! No chicken pox! Doc has no clue. Maybe chiggers from the farm... kinda strange though. He hasn't really played outside this week since he's been at "school" every day. Oh well... any ideas?

  5. I think those comments say more about the person saying them then you... I think THEY are unhappy and THEY have issues and THEY need JESUS!!!

    I absolutely adore the size of your family and would be thrilled if you added 10 more or if you didn't produce any more after this... each one of your babies is a precious and wonderful gift from God...
    I am so sorry that someone else doesn't see it that way. But that doesn't matter! When you have Him, Truth can be our answer to everything.
    God bless!

  6. Amen and amen! You wouldn't believe the comments I got last time I was pregnant because I already had three boys and my fourth was going to be a boy, too! "Are you going to try for a girl?" Like I tried really hard but got it wrong over and over. ;P


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