Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 10}: Having Fun at School Time

I think the way we learn in our homeschool is fun all on its own.  What could be boring about reading good books, doing art projects, observing nature from the back porch, listening to hymns, or finding places on the wall map?  Even so, school is school and often my kids need something to spice it up. 

Here are a few of the things we do to add more fun to our school days.  (Everything in moderation, mind you.  Too much of a good thing turns boring.)
  • After reading a passage from the Bible, have the kids act it out.  It's an active form of narration! 
acting out a story from Genesis
  • Move from the dining room table to the living room floor.  Except when doing handwriting practice, what can it hurt to sprawl on your belly?

  • Don't let them know it's school work at all.  When we watch the What's in the Bible? DVDs for family devotions...and when my kids are laughing at the jokes and soaking up the knowledge...I don't tell them I'm counting it for school!  Another sneaky school activity is Mad Libs.  My 6-year-old learned his parts of speech without ever touching on it in English class!

    part of our favorite Bible resource

  • Send them outside to read.  The fresh air does wonders for the spirits, though it may make them want to play instead of work.
     reading a Poppleton book

  • Award 1 chocolate chip for each correct math problem or spelling word. My kids are always asking for a "chocolate chip lesson."

  • Give the littlest ones a  activity tailored specifically for them.  Check out Allyson's great ideas all month here
playing an Oreo cookie  matching game

How do you make school (or homework) fun for your children?

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