Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 26}: Rainy Day Fun

Think an unexpected rainy day (when you had outside plans) is enough to make you lose your cool?  Me, too. 

This kind of day calls for a simple, no-fuss art project.  This one counts as learning, too, so it packs a double punch! 

Teach your kids about the Impressionist style of painting by having them create their own masterpiece.  Use markers to draw a landscape or outdoor scene on a half-sheet of white cardstock or other heavy paper. 

Place the paper outside in the drizzly rain.

Watch it carefully.  We learned the hard way that washable marker totally washes off of the paper if left in the rain more than a minute or two. 

After it has been sufficiently dripped on, bring the paper inside to dry.  Be careful where you place it because the wet paper will transfer some of the marker ink onto whatever it is touching. 

Note how the rain has smudged the marker drawing, making it resemble the fuzzy, blurry effect of Impressionist artwork.

Don't forget to hang the finished product where everyone can admire it.  A sunny window lets the light shine through the now-thinner paper, showcasing the brilliant colors.  Well, after the rain stops, that is.

Rainy day success! 

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  1. I love this!! Next rainy day, I'll have to try it with the kiddos!


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