Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 17}: Easy and Seasonal Crafts

There's an easy and FUN  craft we do at our house every year.  We decorate small pumpkins.  I don't mean Halloween-esque pumpkins or even smiling jack-o-lanterns.  We simply scribble or draw (depending on the age!) on a new, fun, bumpy writing surface.  Pumpkins are a great canvas!  (Sharpies or other permanent markers work best.  Regular markers tend to rub off.) 

We also like to gather a bunch of colorful leaves and make pictures: a butterfly, a turkey with leaf feathers, a colorful tree, name it.  Then when we're done creating, we "preserve" our favorite leftover leaves.  Click here for preservation directions (if you can even call them that). 

There are so many simple and FUN fall crafts that don't require a lot of supplies or planning.  The best part about simple is that it allows you to stay sane and have fun, too! 

A few more fall craft ideas:

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  1. GREAT (simple) ideas! LOVE your Mom's craft and the pumpkin planter ... THANK YOU!


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