Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 15}: a FUN giveaway (closed)

This giveaway is closed. 

Since this series is about

having fun with your kids without losing your cool,

I'm giving away a few activities that are sure to bring a smile to

your child's face
(because children love fun)
and your face
(because each item is the easy, simple fun we've been talking about all month!).  
There are 6 prizes which means there will be 6 winners. You can earn up to 6 entries, too. 

To enter, use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post.   Open to US readers only. 

Giveaway ends on Monday, October 29 at 11:59 pm EDT and winners will be announced in the conclusion of my series on Wednesday, October 31. 


#1: Custom Kids Sewing Card Set donated by Nicoletta Leonardo Design

As the winner of Prize #1, you will be able to choose the shape and color of your sewing cards which are perfect to occupy little ones during school time...or any time! 

For more from Nicoletta, you can browse her Etsy shop or be inspired by her blog

#2: A Pair of Books: Ramona the Brave and Biscuit Finds a Friend

As the winner of Prize #2, you will win a copy of Ramona the Brave, a great book for families to read aloud together.  I shared my thoughts on Beverly Cleary books here.  You will also receive a copy of Biscuit Finds a Friend, which is part of the My First I Can Read series

For more early reader suggestions, go to this post or read the comments on this post

#3: A Busy Bag Bundle donated by Allyson @ All Our Days

As the winner of Prize #3, you will be given a PDF file with instructions, printables, and labels to make 16 educational and fun busy bags.  Busy bags are handy for school time, quiet time, or play time, and once they are assembled, provide hours of simple fun. 

For more from Allyson, you can read her 31 day series this month about busy bags and quiet time activities.  If you don't want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can also purchase the Busy Bag Bundle yourself at Teacher's Notebook.  

#4: Magnet Puzzle donated by Jess Fabulous Designs

As the winner of Prize #4, you will be able to choose from any of the puzzles themes available-- from Toy Story to farm  to Batman.  What kid wouldn't like to do a puzzle that sticks to the refrigerator?  And what mom wouldn't like an activity that occupies the kids while she's working in the kitchen?

For more from Jessica, you can browse her Etsy shop or Like her shop page on Facebook

#5: Set of Sidewalk Chalk donated by Extra Money For Mommy

As the winner of Prize #6, you will receive either 1 set of Cupcake Sidewalk Chalk OR 1 set of Superhero Sidewalk Chalk (your choice).  Sidewalk drawing is a great way to pass an autumn afternoon.  Maybe you could even sneak in a  little pleasure reading while the kids are occupied.

For see more of her products, including shaped crayons, visit Lauren's Etsy shop. or Like her shop on Facebook.  


#6: Felt Rainbow Puzzle

As the winner of Prize #6, you will receive one felt rainbow puzzle, perfect for little hands that have moved beyond peg puzzles, but are not quite coordinated enough for fitted puzzles.

If you'd like a free printable from All Our Days to make your own rainbow puzzle, click here.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. A favorite thing to do in our house right now is legos. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Since it is Fall we enjoy the outdoors and jumping in a large pile of leaves !

  3. Fortunately my two year old is pretty easy to entertain. She loves The Wiggles and playtime cds, so we get up and dance with her! She lives pretending too, and I'm ready to eat her delicious pretend banana sandwiches - haha

    Raspberrykitty at aol dot com

  4. Right now: our favorite thing is getting to go to the park! Now that the temps are finally back in the low 90s, we're enjoying the "fall" weather and lots of time outside.

  5. Also, I'm rather more than sorta blonde today. I did the twitter entry wrong. Here's the URL:

  6. Read about your giveaway from Jess Fabulous Designs on FB. Looks like fun! Our fun activity today was building a fort in the kitchen and pretending to camp out!

  7. I love to take "Adventure Walks" with my two young boys around our neighborhood.

    Laurasu82 at

  8. We love to sing silly songs together. The kids beg me to make up silly songs and we laugh and laugh.

  9. Reading, cuddling, exploring, playing. She's just a baby now, but we have lots of fun!

  10. Kristin,
    Fabulous giveaway and such a great series! Love it- and of course love the chance to win. I'll be sharing about this great giveaway on PP&PB's FB page today :) Thanks!

  11. Oh- and how do I like to have fun with my little ones? Reading of course! :)

  12. We play in the backyard. The weather is perfect for it. Check out my giveaway on happydotmom :) ill be following you! Glad I found your blog through the nester .

  13. Reading, puzzles, trains, Legos, and singing are the current favorites. Thanks.

  14. my daughter (11months) loves to be chased (it's easy right now because she can't walk very fast :))

  15. I love to read to my daughter, to go on walks with her, to listen to the stories she makes up.

  16. We play with plastic eggs in egg cartons, read books, and sewing cards!

  17. Anything outside! We love being outside! We're savoring the last bit of warmer weather for the year!

  18. I try to do stuff where the kids can learn and we can have fun!


  19. We love to play outside and at the park!

  20. Playing outside, crafts, bubbles and telling jokes

  21. I like to have fun with my kids with lots of tickle fights and hide 'n seek games.

  22. The girls & I bake together. The boys & I play with cars & trucks.

  23. I love to paint with my kids.

  24. My son is learning to read, and we play different versions of the traditional "I Spy" game everywhere we go. We do "I spy something that starts with a (fill in the letter)" or we give a series of clues to help with his logic skills (something alive, outside, a fruit or vegetable, etc). He asks to play it all the time.


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