Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 31}: In Conclusion

This month has come to a close and there are still ideas I want to share about having simple fun with your kids without stress!  Perhaps I'll continue to share FUN ideas and tips in the next few months throughout my regular posts because November and December, while full of holiday joy, can also deliver their share of "losing your cool" moments. 

Today, though, I have the pleasure of announcing the SIX winners of my "Having Fun Without Losing Your Cool" Giveaway! 

The winner of the Custom Kids Sewing Card Set donated by Nicoletta Leonardo Design is  Kayla The winner of Ramona the Brave and Biscuit Finds a Friend is    Brooke
The winner of A Busy Bag Bundle donated by Allyson @ All Our Days is    Tee
The winner of the Magnet Puzzle donated by Jess Fabulous Designs is    Donna Jessica
The winner of Set of Sidewalk Chalk donated by Extra Money For Mommy is   Laura!
The winner of the Felt Rainbow Puzzle is    Tiffany


And in case you missed anything this month, here is an index of this month's topics. 
(Click on the light blue words and the post will open in a new window.)

{Day 1}: an Introduction
{Day 2}: Identify the Craziness
{Day 3}: Shapes For Lunch
{Day 4}: How Do You...Aside Time For Fun?
{Day 5}: Having Fun at Bath Time
{Day 6}: Getting the Wiggles Out Before Bed
{Day 7}: Sunday Meditations
{Day 8}: Do Something Unexpected
{Day 9}: Nature Scavenger Hunt (with free PDF file to make your own Nature Treasures bag)
{Day 10}: Having Fun At School Time
{Day 11}: How Do You...Find Time For Your Own Fun?
{Day 12}: Couch Potatoes
{Day 13}: Happy Food
{Day 14}: Sunday Meditations
{Day 15}: a FUN Giveaway (closed)
{Day 16}: Having Fun When Daddy is Away
{Day 17}: Easy and Seasonal Crafts
{Day 18}: How Do You...Do Crafts With Multiple Kids?
{Day 19}: Simple Canvases
{Day 20}: Having Fun While You Work
{Day 21}: Sunday Meditations
{Day 22}: Getting YOU Involved
{Day 23}: Fun And Silly Reading
{Day 24}: Playing With Rice
{Day 25}: How Do You...Find Places For Children's Artwork?
{Day 26}: Rainy Day Fun
{Day 27}: YOUR Fun Photos
{Day 28} Sunday Meditations
{Day 29} Magazines
{Day 30} These Are A Few of My Favorite Comments


Now that my series is over, I may have a few spare moments to read a few others'.  Are there any 31 Days series that you read and recommend? 


  1. I made a Pinterest boards with some of my favorite 31 Day series:

  2. phew.

    great series, Kristin!


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