Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days, 31 Smiles {Day 24}: Playing With Rice

This activity is not for everyone because mess is inevitable.  However, there's absolutely no prep,  it doesn't stain clothing, it won't stick to the carpet, and a vacuum cleaner will have it all cleaned up in five minutes. Better yet, play with it outside so there's no clean-up at all!

Simply pour a layer of  rice into a round cake pan and let your child play. Let him build mountains, trace the letters of his name, or pick it up and watch it fall.  Kick it up a notch and hide a few small toys among the grains. Beans would work, too, and would be even less mess! 

Think this is an activity suited  only  for toddlers?  Think again!  When I  offered pans of rice to my 2- and 4-year-olds,  my 6- and 8-year-olds weren't quiet until they had been given a turn, too.

Who says fun needs to be complicated?!

I'm still looking for a few more FUN photos. Would you e-mail me a photo of your kids (or grandkids) having fun?   I want real photos of real people having everyday fun.  On Saturday, I'm going to feature YOUR photos!  When you e-mail me, include the words FUN PHOTOS in your subject line.  In the body of your e-mail, take a minute to tell me if you'd like your photo to link somewhere (your blog, your Facebook account...).  I'm looking forward to sharing your fun moments!

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  1. I have a cake pan half full of rice with a few smaller kitchen utensils (spoons, measuring cups,etc.) that I let the kids play with every once in a while as a special treat. I usually put the cake pan on top of a larger cookie sheet so the mess isn't as big of a deal. My inspiration from that came from my mom. When my family moved back to Minnesota from Florida, my mom filled a cake pan with white sand from a Florida beach for us to play with. It was the best toy ever!


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