Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Books to Make Election Day Fun!

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I'm deviating from my 31 Days series to share another book list

Election Day is only three weeks away, but it's not too late to read a fun story about campaigning, debating, voting, and the inauguration!  We've taken a break from our study of ancient history for a couple of weeks to learn about the whole election process. 

The following books and the 2 DVDs are geared to young children, pre-school through elementary school-- all read and "approved" by our family! 

Duck for President
by Doreen Cronin
Woodrow for President: 
A Tail of Voting, Campaigns, and Elections

by Peter W. Barnes

President Pennybaker
by Kate Feiffer
If I Ran For President
by Catherine Stier

by Eileen Christelow
Otto Runs For President
by Rosemary Wells

Schoolhouse Rock:
Election Collection

You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown

{If you've been reading this blog for very long, you know that the majority of our homeschool learning takes place in front of a library book.  To see my recommended book lists on a variety of topics, from Thanksgiving to trees to preparing young children for a new baby to the Civil War, click here.}


  1. Thank you for this list! My children and I love to read and this will be a great addition to our home school.

  2. Yay! I already had a few of these on hold, but I just added some more as well.

  3. "I'm just a bill ... yeah, I'm only a bill ..." we are VERY familiar with School House Rock :) I probably overuse songs in our homeschool ...

    Duck is one of our favorites too!

    Great list, Kristin!


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