Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome, Baby!

In preparation for the new baby, I've been reading the kids a few books to get them ready for a new sibling. I'm especially picky about the books I read to them on this topic because I am really bothered by books that introduce the idea of sibling rivalry. Even though most of these books usually end with the older siblings loving and embracing the new baby, I don't like the themes of jealousy and resentment that are presented. In my experience, although there can be a period of adjustment for everyone in the family, children are excited and happy to welcome a new sibling. Unfortunately, a lot of the books I've picked up at the libary, I end up rejecting. (As much as I love the Francis books by Russell Hoban, even his book about Francis welcoming a new baby sister rubbed me the wrong way! )

Here are a few of our favorites:

Waiting for Baby  (no words) illustrated by Annie Kubler

What's Inside?
 by Jeanne AshbĂ©

Mama Outside, Mama Inside
 by Donna Hutts Aston

Baby on the Way (Sears Children Library)

by William and Martha Sears and Christie Watts Kelly


  1. Thanks for the great book ideas. We've been trying to find books to help prepare Emahry. We'll have to check out these suggestions.

  2. Those look like beautiful books. I'd never thought about the others you mentioned possibly being harmful. I guess a lot of kids would never have those feelings in the first place if we didn't expect it of them. I wouldn't know; I'm the youngest!

  3. I agree... and I have found this true for many things. Before I took Sierra to the dentist I was looking for some books to read to her...same thing, putting ridiculous ideas in her head, things there are no need to be afraid of, or even a need to think about. And yes there is always an ending that is positive, it is the road to get there that is bothersome...

  4. You bring to our attention an interesting situation.
    Do we read over the books first before reading it to our child?
    Most definitely we must be alert to the damaging ideas and pictures that may harm our child.
    Thanks for reminding us to do this.
    Even Grandparents need to look at the books before reading them to their grandchildren.


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