Friday, September 19, 2008

A "Big" Update on My Pregnancy

Edited: I added another belly pic at the bottom that was taken today.

"Big," as in "I feel big," not "big" as in "I have really big news!" I have about a month left now until my due date. I've delivered anywhere from 1 week late to 2 1/2 weeks early so the whole month of October is up for grabs! Right now I vacillate between trying to stay busy to pass the time and trying to rest for my body's sake. Some days I'm able to sneak in a nap with Owen, but that is a luxury with other non-napping children in the house.

Physically, I feel okay. I have a lot of back pain in the evening from being on my feet all day, but I've made friends with my heating pad! I'm still sleeping well at night-- that's the most comfortable I am all day. (Of course, I need to make a nightly trip to the potty, but I can do that without becoming fully conscious.)

Emotionally, I'm so-so. I can cry at the drop of a hat. Some days I feel really down at how much longer I seem to have although now the sound of four weeks doesn't seem too bad. Being around people and socializing takes my mind off of myself!

I've begun weekly visits to the midwife now. She says Baby is head down and probably about 5 pounds now. I'm all baby (not all spread out) which is nice. I've been told I look "tiny" (a lie!), but I've never had tiny babies, so we'll see how much he grows this month...


  1. I love pics of pregnant tummies. I "spread out" when I was pregnant, so my pics don't look nearly as cute as your pic!

  2. I love the picture of you & Owen. I can't believe we have only a month to go. I know what you mean about feeling huge, over the past couple of weeks I've started feeling uncomfortable. I guess it's good that I only have 4-5 weeks left. I'd also have to agree, from the last photo you do look "tiny". I feel like most of my weight is baby weight, except for the fact that my face always seems to gain weight when I'm pregnant. I've been avoiding photos for this reason, but I like your idea of the torso only photos. I'll have to take some of those. Make sure you relax, but also enjoy your last few weeks of being able to move when you want to :) We'll both be tied down pretty soon.

  3. You look beautiful of course!! I have 12 weeks to go and I am feeling almost the same as you when it comes to crying and the bad back! lol

    I hope you are blessed with continued good sleep!

    Many blessings-


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