Saturday, September 13, 2008

Passing It On...

I must admit I'm a little picky, or shall I say selective, about what my kids wear. That does not mean I pay top dollar for clothes, though! I actually cringe when I have to go to the store and buy my kids something new like jeans or sneakers.

We have been blessed with many, many hand-me-downs! Some come from family (my youngest sister is only seven so her outgrown clothes usually come to Maddie), some come from friends. Some are hand-me-downs from strangers (from Freecycle or other e-mail lists). Some are hand-me-downs from one child (Gavin) to another (Owen). No matter what way they arrive, they are a blessing! I've not had to go to the store and buy a winter coat for either of my children for four years! Brian says he wished adults passed on bags of nice clothes to each other so often. :-)

We also love shopping yard sales. We make it a family event most of the time. What a thrill to find a pair of sandals in just the right size, or a pair of barely-worn pajamas for a quarter or fifty cents! Of course, you have to be willing to pick through to find the "good" stuff and even that is not a guarantee. I've brought home shirts or dresses only to discover big stains or holes I overlooked in my excitement!

Another favorite of ours in the local Clothing Swap our family has organized for several years. We hold it twice a year-- spring and fall (although this year with my pregnancy, we decided to skip the Fall Swap). We reserve a room at our county library for free and then spread the word to family, friends, friends of friends, our local homeschool group, etc. The more people who come the better. Everyone brings the clothing their family is done with (baby through adult clothes) and we pile it on table, loosely sorted by size. Then those attending can take home as much or as little as they want. When it is over, we donate the leftovers to charity.

So many people have blessed us with their hand-me-downs. Now before I carelessly sling a bag in the car for the Goodwill, I try to think if I know anyone personally who could use what we no longer need.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea and a great way to honor God with our abundances!

    Many blessings-

  2. We just went to yard sales this morning, and I am happy because I found a mother/daughter apron set and some fabric for sling-making. We are consignment sale people; I don't know WHO pays $30 for a kid's sweater at Baby Gap, but I'm glad to buy it from them for $3! :-)


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