Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teaching Children to Help-- Part 7

I know there are different theories on whether getting an allowance in exchange for work is good for kids. Some people say that instead of teaching kids that everyone must play a part to keep the household running, they learn to work for the money. We have chosen to give our kids a small allowance. After all, Brian goes to work, plays a part to keep his company running, and receives a paycheck every week.

We still expect that everyone does their part with a good attitude. A rotten attitude can mean a portion of money can be taken away (or never given in the first place).

We started out giving the kids $1 a week in exchange for the collection of work they do over the course of the week. Brian recently decided that Gavin and Maddie were old enough to understand a little more of why they were being paid. He made each of them a chart listing the days of the week and the chores they are responsible for. (Each week, we make a new copy and hang it on the refrigerator.) When they complete a job, they check it off the chart. At the end of the week, they receive 5 cents for each check mark. Dollars go into their wallets; change goes into their piggy banks. When they've earned $5 (in dollar bills), they are allowed to spend it. When the change in their piggy banks total $2-3, we take them to the bank to exchange it for dollar bills.

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  1. I am still really undecided about money inour family. I love the idea of waiting...really waiting until it presents itself as a topic. But I don't want to wait to long? I don't know.

    Bettr find out what Jesus thinks. ;)

    God bless-

  2. I was raised in a household that didn't get paid for chores. Hubbie was raised the same way. You work because you live in the house!

    Now that we are both older, we, like you, have realized that when you work, you get paid for that... and we need to teach our children how much work it does take sometimes to earn the house- the value of a dollar.

    We haven't yet started chores with Bubbie, but I do think it is time and we'll start even earlier with Peanut.

    Dave Ramsey has a program for kids and I have thought about getting it for the boys, but I like your idea....

    :) As always, great post with lots to think about!


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