Monday, June 9, 2008

Teaching Children to Help--Part 4

What Can Children Be Expected to Do?

Only you know what your children are capable of doing. However, if you take the time to teach them, even young children are able to help with quite a bit! Just as a guide, I’ll list what my children are able to do. They certainly don’t do all of these things all of the time, but this is what they have been taught to accomplish when asked.

Gavin is 5 ½, Maddie is almost 4, and Owen is 22 months.

Setting the Table—
Fold the napkins—Gavin and Maddie
Place the silverware—Gavin and Maddie
Put condiments, drinks, serving spoons, etc. on the table—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen
Pick up crumbs off the floor—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen

Clearing the Table—
Clear dishes—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen
Put away condiments, drinks, etc.—Gavin and Maddie
Throw trash away—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen

Help transfer clothes from washer to dryer—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen
Fold dish towels and washcloths—Gavin and Maddie
Fold large towels—Gavin
Fold simple clothes (shirts, underwear)—Gavin and Maddie
Sort socks—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen (sort-of!)
Put away own laundry pile--Gavin and Maddie

Dust—Gavin and Maddie
Clear floor of toys so Mom can vacuum—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen
Wash surfaces with a wet rag—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen

Make own bed—Gavin
Help Mom make bed—Maddie and Owen
Straighten living room—Gavin, Maddie and Owen
Straighten own room—Gavin and Maddie
Go get diapers, napkin, pencil, etc. for Mom—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen
Help Owen get dressed/undressed—Gavin and Maddie
Gather trashcans to be emptied—Gavin and Maddie

Cooking and Baking—
Help add ingredients and stir—Gavin, Maddie, and Owen

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  1. This is a great resource!!! My little one is just 4 months behind Owen... it's crazy to see how many more things he could do if I were to take the time to teach him!

    I'd love some more detail on HOW you have taught them to do some of those things! :)


  2. I really like this series you are doing! I also appreciate this list, it gives me new ideas to try with my own kids that I may have unintentionally skipped over before!

  3. I like these ideas! My baby is 14 months, and she LOVES to help - I struggle with channeling that help sometimes. She'll put toys away, only to scatter them all again as soon as I turn my back. Or put valuable items in the trash! She loves wiping things with a wet cloth. It's the spirit of things, I guess . . .

  4. Excellent post with great tips and ideas. So glad I found your blog from the Sampler.


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