Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hodgepodge of Info

The Photo Shoot

I haven't taken the kids to a professional photographer since Maddie was a baby. Part of it is my thriftiness. Part of it is the fact that I hate to drag everyone out to the studio just to have one or all of the kids frowning or crying! Still, I like to have "formal" pictures of them to hang around this house so periodically, everyone gets dressed up for me and we take a few shots. I hadn't taken the time to do this since the fall so I figured it was about time!

My Pregnancy

I reached the half-way point this week. Morning sickness is a thing of the past. I always find the first three months the hardest of the whole pregnancy-- even worse than the last month or so when I am huge and tired! For me, the second trimester brings headaches and this time is no different. I try to avoid taking anything for them, but it can be difficult to endure a headache EVERY day like I have recently so I may break down soon. I just wish I could figure out the trigger so I could avoid the headaches all together.

I continue to struggle with low blood sugar. It makes me weak, dizzy, jittery, and shaky. I was able to get a glucose monitor for free so I periodically check when I'm feeling that way and inevitably, my sugar is low. On Sunday, I started feeling that way, but knowing I had eaten plenty of carby things, assumed my yucky feelings were being caused by something else. I guess I should trust my instincts, though, because when I got home, I tested my sugar and it was only 65!! (Somewhere between 80-120 is normal.) Despite all my woes, I really do feel pretty good!

Perhaps our biggest news is that we've named our baby! It was actually a MUCH easier task than expected. Brian and I were have real difficulties find names we both loved so we stopped looking. Last week, we got the list back out and realized there was one name we both liked so instead of continuing the search, we decided to just go with it. SO..."Baby" is now Benjamin Cooper!

Continuing Projects

My kids were invited to a birthday party this week and we needed to come up with a gift so I decided to make one.
Maddie liked the purse so much she begged me to make her one! On top of all that, I've continued to work on a few baby onesies and another handbag so I can attempt to open an Etsy shop like some of you suggested. I'll let you know when I get it up and running.

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  1. I L-O-V-E that little pocket purse. I have tons of old jeans laying around waiting for me to make a quilt out of them and i may now have a plan for those pockets! Not to mention that it looks so easy and I'll finally get some use out of my brand new (1 1/2 year old) sewing machine I never make time to use.

    I'm glad you take the time to do "portraits" of your kids. My Beloved and I are photographers, but we work on location. It is so much easier for families not to have to gather and get their family to the studio... we go to the house or park or wherever and catch people in their element. All that to say that your portraits are a great idea. :) It's what we do all the time. :)


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