Monday, May 12, 2008

My Weekend in Pictures

Since it has been rainy for the past few days and since Brian works outside, we had an unexpected long weekend. He was off half-day Friday and all day Monday (and the weekend, of course). We did lots of cleaning and lots of relaxing...and I did lots of projects! My favorite was this handbag I made for myself. I got the bag at Walmart for dirt cheap and then made the applique myself. I ironed it on (with fusible web) and then added a few ribbon embellishments. Overall, it was very easy and I'm pleased with the end result.

We also had hours of family time over the weekend. We spent the morning of Mothers' Day at home.

Then we spent the afternoon/early evening at my parents' house. This is me with my mom and my two younger sisters. My brother lives out-of-state so he couldn't be with us this year.


  1. WOW! I LOVE your bag! Did you have a template for the applique? Maybe you could post how you did it?! I am not that crafty!!

    I would LOVE to make it for my sister in law who just found out she is expecting her second (first is 6 months!) She is super cute like your applique!

  2. blueangels,
    I made the template myself. I printed out 4-5 pregnant belly silhouettes off the internet. Then I traced, drew, copied what I liked from each. I AM NOT an artist so nothing fancy. Then I had to use two colors of fabric and fusible web (the stuff that makes fabric able to be ironed on to other fabric) to adhere it to the bag. Not as complicated as it sounds!
    Maybe I could do a tutorial on here if I get a chance. I'm also considering making a few bags to sell if you would be interested. E-mail me if you are! My e-mail address is in my profile, but just in case, here it is:

  3. I can also sell just the applique.


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