Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our Dilemma

We have a decision to make. Not a life-changing decision. Just one of those decisions where you want to have it both ways! I should be having an ultrasound in the next few weeks and I don't know whether we want to find out the sex of the baby!

With our first two kids, we found out. We were glad we did. We had clothes ready, a name picked out, etc. With our third, we kept it to be surprise. We were glad we did. We had boy and girl things saved from the other kids so we were prepared either way. It was fun not knowing until after he was born that he was a...he!

BUT this time, we don't know what to do. There are definite pros and cons. Gavin and Maddie want a girl just like they did when I was expecting Owen. Gavin had a bit of an adjustment when my dad told him the baby was indeed a boy, not the girl he had insisted I was having through the entire pregnancy. Finding out ahead of time would avoid those final-hour disappointments.

Another big issue is the fact that we are having a nearly impossible time coming up with names we BOTH agree on. We had a list of 4-5 names for each gender. We recently went back through the list and crossed off almost everything!! So finding out ahead of time would eliminate half of the painful process.

The things is-- I still like the element of surprise. If it was totally up to me, I would wait until the BIG DAY. I was able to see Owen (and his identifying parts) as he was coming out and that was really neat. But it isn't all up to me...


  1. I think if I had one or a few of each, I might wait. I like to plan though so who knows how long I could hold out! I would wait, if you can, because I think its so special!

  2. hey girl! me again, i bought all the ingredients to make your tomato sauce. i think its gonna be cheaper. we'll see! i tagged you! play if you want to!


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