Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recipes From the Blogosphere

Until we bought our computer in the spring, any new recipe I tried was from my cookbooks or given me by a relative or friend. Suddenly, the internet has opened up so many, many recipe sources and I've had a blast trying out new dishes.

Mrs. Boesch's Scones with
Simply Spicy's Blackberry Jam--

This was my favorite of all my recent recipe trials!

Whole Wheat-Honey Cookies--
These cookies were good and relatively nutritious, but not a huge hit with the young-folk!

Jess's Dutch Puff--
We enjoyed this delicious and very filling dish for Sunday breakfast. I made the 6-serving version and had lots of left-overs which reheated nicely.

Tammy's Quick and Easy Breadsticks--
Maddie and I made these together. We had the garlic variety with chili. Next time, I'd like to try the cinnamon kind.

Hyperactive Lu's Simply Lasagna--
I've made this twice! Both times I used whole-wheat pasta and the second time, I used a meatless version of my own spaghetti sauce recipe.


  1. i made your spaghetti sauce and it was a hit. i even doubled it and had plenty of leftovers! thanks girl! btw, i found a bunch of old pics of you and your family while i was cleaning out the attic tonight! goodness! what memories!

  2. HI Kristin!
    I didn't realize you were Cheryl's daughter when I saw your comment on Jordan's blog! Your blog is lovely!

    We made the chocolate version of the scones, and they didn't last long!

    Good to meet you!
    Kim, Jo's Mom :-)

  3. Well, now...I come over to visit you to thank you for your encouraging words about my Sampler post and you pay me back by making me HUNGRY! Guess I shoulda eaten more than two pizza slices for dinner :).

    Thanks again for your comment and for popping in :). Those kinda things make my day!

  4. I made the dutch puff for breakfast today. Everyone liked it!

    Aunt Linda


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