Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm a Contest Winner!

So exciting. Just in time for Mothers' Day, I've won an A & E Romance Collection from Barb on A Chelsea Morning!


  1. I was just tickled pink when the random number generator chose your number, Kristin. Imagine. 141 entries and the random number was 30! That sure saved me a lot of time counting through comments!

    But that's not why I was tickled you won. I was amazed when I came over here to see that you've only been blogging for one month (tomorrow). My word, you really have a nice blog going for such a newbie. At one month, I barely knew how to publish a post. I had no plan. No theme. And I couldn't even upload a photo.

    So congratulations on two counts...for winning this amazing DVD set AND for having such a nice blog.


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