Thursday, June 27, 2013

Have You Gone Modern?

When eReaders and eBooks first came on the scene, I declared that I would never turn my back on traditional paper books.   

How can I cozy up with a hard thin piece of plastic?  I said.

Books on a screen are not nearly as appealing as books on a shelf, I said.

That was before my husband gave me a Kindle as a gift a little over a year ago.  It took me all of 5 seconds to get hooked on this new-to-me technology and decide that it had it merits. 
  • It travels in my purse everywhere I go so I always a book (or two or three) at the ready when I find myself in need.  (Yes, I do sometimes need a book!) 

  • When I finish a paper book unexpectedly and don't have time to run out to the library, I can check out an eBook from the library via my home computer...or I can peruse the books I've already downloaded to my Kindle library. 

  • There is a little feature at the bottom of the screen that tells me  (based on my reading speed) how many minutes are left in my chapter and how many minutes are left in my book.  For someone with an obsessive personality (like me), that is an awesome perk. 

Sure, an eReader still has its drawbacks. I'm an intensely visual learner. When I'm reading a book and want to re-check something I've read, I can usually picture the side of the page and the placement on the page to find what I need quickly.  It doesn't work that easily with an eBook. And it really isn't as cozy to read with an electronic device as it is to hold and smell a paper book.  I'm content to see-saw between the two options and enjoy the best of both worlds. 

So, how about you? Have you gone modern?  Do you read from an eReader or do prefer traditional methods? 

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Want to catch up on what began as one reading question and has turned into an unofficial series? 


  1. At first, I was skeptical too about the e-reader. But we travel a lot, and I also read a lot. I was having the problem of always finishing my book before the end of the trip, then going through withdrawals. I brought more books, but then my bag was always too heavy. My kindle fixed all those problems, and has since been my constant companion. But, I haven't completely given up my paper books. Like you, I love the smell and feel too much for that. :)

  2. Adore my Kindle! It's been such a blessing as we've waded through more than 100 medical appointments for Mason in his first 17 months of life. I always have something to read and something to read aloud to him. I started reading aloud to him in the NICU and that is a routine now for us when he has surgeries too. He's had 1 spinal surgery, 1 back surgery, and 6 brain surgeries already at age 1. Holding a Kindle is much lighter and easier than a real book when juggling a child hooked up to IVs, monitors, and sporting fresh surgical sites.

  3. I'm still a paper book girl, but only because I haven't justified the cost of an eReader in our budget yet.

    My wonderful husband did just buy me a new laptop though, so I'm super excited about not having to work completely confined to the desk. Maybe a Kindle will be next on my wishlist.

  4. I love to hold a real book, but I do have a kindle and enjoy being able to get free books or lower cost books that they would be if I wanted to buy the real version. I have bought the paperback version of a few after reading the kindle version, because I thought it would be a great resource and I don't care for trying to find something again on my kindle.

  5. i have not embraced our kindles, though i've tried.

    but ... really, i'm not embracing paper books right now either. morning sickness is making reading very hard this time.

    however, my book-loving girls ADORE their Kindles :)



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