Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benjamin's Birth Story-- Part 4 of 4

Carol asked me if I was ready to have my water broken and “have this baby.” Knowing how close I was, I agreed. Heather monitored the baby’s heartbeat with a hand-held Doppler while Carol broke my water. The fluid was clear with no meconium and Baby tolerated the procedure like a champ. Brian continued to apply a cool wet cloth to my neck and face.

I was unable to talk by now. I communicated only by nodding or shaking my head. I’m sure I was physically able to talk, but it would have thrown off my concentration. I was in a semi-sitting position. I know that it is best to be upright while laboring, but this was actually more comfortable and I was progressing well so I decided not to change. Heather asked Carol if she needed to break the bed down for delivery, but since I would have to be disturbed, Carol whispered that she would try to deliver the way it was.

Carol checked me again and said I had a bit of a cervical lip, but that it would probably melt away as I began to push. I started to feel increasing pressure and then the amazing urge to push. After the first push, Brian said, “You’re almost done.” I was surprised since I had just started, but it was encouraging because the pushing urge was so intense! With the second push, his head was out. I was clinging to Brian’s hand (and trying not to squeeze too hard) when Carol said, “Okay, Dad, are you ready?” With the third push, Brian was able to grab the baby’s shoulders and upper back and help deliver him! Less than ten minutes after I started pushing, Benjamin was born. I reached down and pulled Ben onto my belly myself. It was 7:33 pm on October 10.

There was no tearing so I felt very little pain as soon as labor ended. I wasn’t even sore. I kept Benjamin on my stomach while Brian cut the cord and while they wiped him off and evaluated him. I nursed him while Carol delivered the placenta. The room was still dim and peaceful, and I was euphoric (and hungry!).

When Ben was about an hour old, they weighed him and he came in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. We were surprised since the other kids were so much bigger (even Owen who came early). He was 21 inches long. He had a perfectly round head, dark hair, and very long eyelashes!

I am so pleased with my labor and delivery. This was my most satisfying birth of the four. I may have started off nervous about not knowing Carol, but Brian and I agreed that we are glad she delivered Benjamin because she was in tune to what I needed and eager to help me achieve the birth I desired. We appreciated her lack of hurry and her laid-back manner.

While I’m not up for it again anytime soon, Benjamin’s birth proved to me labor doesn’t have to be frantic but can follow its own timetable and be calm and enjoyable.

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  1. WOW! You are a champ! What an amazing birth story!! Thanks so much for sharing all the details.

    You are a hero!

    God bless-

  2. That sounds like an awesome birth experience. We really liked Carol, too. Even though she didn't make it in time for our delivery. :)
    Read more about our experience at

  3. Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading Benjamin's birth story. I'm glad it was such a great experience!

  4. I enjoyed reading your birth story so much. I guess I kinda knew a little bit of it, but I am so proud of you for having such a successful birthing process!!! :) Way to go and I'm so glad that baby Benjamin is here- safe, sound and healthy!

  5. Awesome birth story! I just finished reading the whole thing... didn't have time until now.

    Was the birth center part of a regular mom/baby ward, or do all women have their babies there? There aren't any midwives in hospitals in this area that I know of.

  6. Actually all women who deliver at this hospital have their babies in the Birth Center. The midwives practice there as well as doctors, but the nurses are very "natural"-minded from what I've experienced.

  7. Wow, what a wonderful birth story! Congratulations.

  8. That's an awesome birth story! Was that your first with a midwife? You said it was the best birth you've had, I'd like to know what was "worse/wrong" with the others? I'm trying to picture how another birth can be after only having one so far, that's all I have to compare it to! :-) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Yes, this birth was my most satisfying. None of my births were "bad." It's just that this was the first birth where I met all my goals. With my first two children, I delivered in a hospital with a (female) OB-GYN. I planned to be up, moving around, but the nurses had me hooked to monitors and an IV in bed. Not able to cope with the pain since I was lying down, I ended up with an epidural both times.

    With my third child, I switched to a midwife who delivered in a Birth Center in a very "natural-minded" hospital. My birth experience there was wonderful. I achieved my goal of no epidural, no monitors, no IV, etc. There were still a few things I wasn't happy with, though, such as having my water broken at 6-7 centimeters instead of letting my body labor at its own pace.

  10. I am going to deliver our fouth baby in Easton with Penny or Carol so it was really interesting to read your birth story. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi! I just read your birth story (someone commented to me on my own blog when I mentioned I wanted a water birth with my current pregnancy ~ I am due Oct. 10 - and they gave me a link to your blog and said "read her birth story!" So I did!)
    Thanks so much for sharing this. I just watched The Business of Being Born last night with my husband, and now reading your birth story...I am feeling fully confident that I can have my baby girl naturally! I am hoping for a calm atmosphere as well. With my first son (he is 5) I labored for 17 hrs before I got an epidural.
    I never screamed or made noise. I closed my eyes the entire time I think. I like things calm :)
    I am just really looking forward to my birth experience coming up in a couple months and just had to say thanks for sharing and that I'm inspired by your story! Oh, and how cool that your boy came on Oct. due date! :)
    Blessings to you and your family...

  12. Wow thanks for sharing. Thats comforting as my nerves are starting up too knowing this fourth child of mine will be here anytime early november. They changed our dates often so only God knows when this baby girl is coming. LOL

  13. Loved reading your story about Benjamin's birth. Wish I had documented mine all those years ago. My first grandchild is on its way so I'm going to tell my daughter about your blog.

    I do remember thinking 'that's one more contraction out of the way' with each one - it helped me through it.


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