Monday, November 10, 2008

The "Giant" Phenomenon

I'm sure anyone who has had more than one child has experienced this! You know that your toddler or older child is growing up and you know that your new baby is going to be tiny. Whether Baby is 6 pounds or 10, he is still small! But nothing prepares you for the shock when you see the older sibling for the first time after having a baby! When Owen came to visit us in the hospital soon after Ben was born, he looked huge. Big head, big hands, big clothes. He looked so big, it was almost freaky.

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  1. I am so scared for this happening to my BABY Parker. Hes my little man, my little baby, and I have a feelign Im gonna have that moment where I have to say, thats right, my 2 year old isn't my baby anymore!!!!

    But cute picture BTW!

    God bless-

  2. Oh its so true! I thought the same thing when Bubbie came to visit me at the hospital after Peanut was born. Bubbie looked like a giant!

  3. I am here via Amanda (I Am Mommy).
    I could have written this entry myself, goodness I might have actually! LOL

    When I had Jackson, our oldest son was not quite 3 and I remember thinking how big he seemed. What I couldn't get over was how big his head seemed to be to me. My husband thought I was crazy, but his head seem to grow in a matter of moments! LOL

    It's amazing how our "baby" all of a sudden is this huge little person and our newborn is just that much smaller!


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