Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slingin' Saturday-- Like Mama, Like Daughter

Maddie, like most little girls, wants to imitate her Mama. Since I frequently wore Owen in a sling and now I wear Ben, she wanted to have a sling of her own. Many of the companies that sell slings or other baby carriers also sell a child-sized version, but those were too pricey for my liking, not to mention she didn't want to wait long enough for me to order one. I decided to use what I had on hand to make her sling.

I used a piece of fleece since it is slightly stretchy and you don't have to hem the edges. I cut out a strip about 12 inches by 36 inches. I hand-sewed the two short ends together. After folding it in half long-ways (the same way you fold any pocket sling), it was ready to wear!


  1. Great idea-- and so simple, even I could pull it off. What a sweet photograph...

  2. So cute! Great way to use your stuff around the house...and yes, the ones online are ridiculous!

  3. That is too precious! What an angel.

    Many blessings -

  4. Great idea, Kristin. Thanks for letting me know that you posted about this. Little will be getting one for Christmas!


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