Saturday, November 15, 2008

Slingin' Saturday-- ModMum Sling

It's another Slingin' Saturday! Coincidentally, this is International Babywearing Week! To read my intro on baby wearing, click here!

This week I'm going to review the ModMum baby sling, donated by Lisa at ModMum.

The ModMum sling is a pouch-style sling. You simply wear it over your head and one shoulder (like a messenger bag) and position your baby inside. There is no complicated folding or tying. After trying and loving several other slings of this variety, I was skeptical to try another brand. I figured since I loved the others so much, this one would be hard to get used to! I was wrong. This sling was so comfortable, I was hooked at once.

Just like with other pouch slings, Ben liked riding in a slightly upright position. The pouch was roomy enough that I could adjust him to his liking but secure enough that I never feared he would slip or fall out! Snuggled up to my body, I knew he was warm and comfortable, even outside in the fall weather. Once when we had to dash out in the rain, there was enough extra fabric to pull over his head until we got to (dry) safety. Though I've heard other moms rave about the convenience of nursing a baby in a sling, I've never had luck. Other slings held the baby much too tight against my body. But since this is a roomier sling, I gave nursing another go and succeeded! How great to put Ben in the sling to clean, take a break on the couch to nurse, and then return to my chore immediately without having to take him out or reposition him!

Choosing a size was easy. Sold in XS, S, M, L, or XL, sizing is based on weight and height of the wearer. I also love that this sling is reversible. I have the Taylor sling which is brown with colorful polka dots on one side and solid green on the other so almost every outfit I wear matches! I wore the sling out for walks, vacuuming, cooking dinner, and out to eat. There is really no end to the places you can wear your baby and since there is potential for getting the sling dirty, I was glad to know that since it is 100% cotton, it can be thrown in the washer and dryer to freshen it up.

The ModMum Reversible Sling retails for $54, plus shipping. Their other baby slings retail for between $38-$64.
Don't forget to keep checking back for my sling giveaway this winter where I'll be giving away one of the slings I review!

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  1. I have that pattern too! That sling was great for me when Suzi got too big to nurse in the hotsling. She could still fit in the ModMum.


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