Friday, March 11, 2011

In Reality

I talk a lot about all the reading I do with my kids and I wonder if I've given the wrong impression.  I wonder if I've painted a rosy picture in your mind of a quiet home with all of us gathered on the couch where we read for hours without interruption because we all love it so much. 

In reality, reading time is often chaotic.  It often involves a tussle over who sits where or a complaint about the book someone else has chosen.  The phone rings.  The dinner bell buzzes.  Gavin stops me every few sentences to ask a question.  I'm convinced my kids will always associate Abraham Lincoln with noise because Alaine cried through the whole (albeit short) biography we read.    

Noise and enthusiasm is part of this season we're in.  Interruptions are, too, and I'm trying to be okay with that.

It's all just a part of life.


  1. We have reading time issues too with only two kids--usually that the little one's attention span can't handle most of the books that Suzi and I love. She wants to be in on the special time, but can't keep her little hands to herself and sit still, nor can she find something else to do for a while. It's frustrating.

  2. OH! I'm so glad it's not just us!!! It makes me crazy and I try to not be crazy about it! I posted a similar pic once - it was completely chaotic! (and we love Tom and Pippo here too!)

  3. Thanks for sharing this... I love it!

  4. Hmmm..looks like a day over here! Learning to have patience during times of chaos is a challenge for me. Thankfully God knows what I need!

  5. lol. i love the pictures. i need to read MORE to my kids. we have bookshelves of books, yet i find myself not reading as much i want to them. my goal is to start adjusting our schedule around anyways, and that is one thing i want to change/adjust.


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