Thursday, March 10, 2011

Three (More) on Thursday

Who does the grocery shopping? (Brian does ours and I feel un-Proverbs 31-like because of it.)   

Well, my Brian does ours, too, and I often have the same feelings.  I hear of other women going to the grocery store with their whole brood in tow and I wonder if maybe I should  or could do the same.  However, this is what we've chosen and for now, this works for us.  I do all the meal planning and the list making.  He does all the shopping and bringing it in the house.  We both put it away, I do all the cooking, and the whole family does the eating! 

How much TV is too much (for the kids), and what do you feel is actually worthy of watching? (I feel like mine are watching waaay more lately...but we're also reading, both independently and aloud, waaay more than we used to)!   

Tough question because I am constantly torn about this myself.  I do not have a  set TV limit, but we are certainly not a household that has the TV on all day.  We read lots of books, spend time outside, color reams of pictures, do some crafts, build Legos, and play pretend with paper dolls.  Because I know my children are physically and mentally active, I do allow a little down time in front of the television.  Of course, when they are sick I allow a little (a lot?!) more and when it is warm and sunny day, I allow a lot less.  Each day has its own set of circumstances. 

As far as what they watch, I think we fall on the conservative side.  My kids watch nothing straight from the television except PBS Kids, and their DVDs are carefully chosen.  One of my children is very sensitive to what he sees and hears and has suffered nightmares from seemingly innocuous selections. 

How in the world do you wean a nursing baby? I mean, seriously, I'm clueless!   

This is probably too big of a topic to tackle in one small paragraph, but I'll give my short answer.  I've fairly successfully night-weaned my children at around 18 months, but I've never done much in the way of initiating day-weaning because it just sort of happened.  Gavin nursed the longest (longer than most people feel comfortable knowing about), but he outgrew it eventually.  (I "outgrew" it long before he was ready.)  The other three weaned when I was pregnant with the  next baby.  Whether it was the taste of the milk or the quantity of the milk or whether they sensed my reluctance to continue or whether they would have naturally weaned around that time anyway, I'll never know. Of course, they didn't just go from ten times a day to none.  It was gradual, gradual reduction.  There will be a day when you think that it is never going to happen...and then before you know it, it has.

These questions were submitted by Kathi.   Leave me your 3 questions in the comments and I'll tackle them another Thursday. 


  1. I'm glad Brian helps with the grocery shopping. Right now the kids and I do the grocery shopping one morning each week. However, I love grocery shopping! In fact, it's one of my favorite "household chores" so I think I'd be reluctant to give it up even if Tim had the time to do it :)

  2. Kristin!

    You are so wonderful...and we truly are Kindred Spirits!

    We are the exact same with groceries, except (my) Brian does enjoy cooking once in a while (esp. in the summer with the grill:)!

    We are right there with your family as far as kids watch (all the crazy commercials, and America's obsession with horror movie...their trailers, so scary!)Everything is on our DVR. PBS, Sprout, and a select few Disney shows...our DVR records the most recent one, so the kids usually have a choice from about 10 good shows at any given time. (They are really enjoying all the Kratt brothers shows right now...Wild Kratts, Be The Creature, and Zaboomafoo)...the Girls LOVE, and I mean LOVE The Electric Company (but shhh! don't tell any other teenagers that Kylie watches The Electric Company).

    Thank you for your weaning advice. Judah is still going strong...but I'm getting a little sleepy, since he's still nursing so much at night. During the's turning into just when he's sleepy, and I know he's eating plenty (not so sure about drinking enough...he's kind of picky...and he likes to spit EVERYTHING out to make the Big Kids laugh!).

    As usual, thank you...I feel better, and I will keep in touch over the weaning, OK?

    Love ya!


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