Monday, March 14, 2011

On Babies and God's Plan For Our Family

asked, "Do you plan on having any more kiddos?"

My answer may not be what you are looking for.  My answer may be rather boring.  My answer is, "I don't know," but this is what I do know:
  • My husband is content with the five children we have.

  • We as a couple have moral and philosophical objections to most forms of birth control.  
  • I believe that we (as a society) act as though the decision to have (or not have) children is solely in our hands.  I know too many women who want to have children but yet cannot, to believe that just because I say I want more children means I can have more children.
  • Should the Lord send another child to our family, He will provide all we need. 


  1. It's a hard question to answer, isn't it?! Yet, I always love hearing what other Mama's of bigger families have to say. I love hearing where their heart is on the matter. And, I love your answer. Content yet with open hands.

    We've been so blessed with the kiddos the Lord has given to us and life is so full and yet... and yet... his grace would be there abundantly if He was to bless with more. We know that He is good. We trust Him and they would be blessings, would they not.

  2. grrr. i had an entire comment posted. and lost it!! ANYWAYS.. i LOVE this post. it truly speaks the same things my/our heart does. God is in control. and i know that He does have a plan. it's so funny how many people ask us if we're done. i don't mind it so much, mainly because they're just curious, not 'judging'. although for the first time since having kids this is the most content shaun and i have both felt. now it's just seeing if it's God's plan for us to be "done" for good. because for us that is the only option that will work for us. and it's getting harder to maintain the method we're using. probably TMI! lol. ;)

  3. Wow. That's pretty much how it is for us too.

    I get asked A LOT if we're done yet? Well the long and short answer for us is, "I don't know". Tim is very content and would be fine being done. I'm open to more. We don't agree with hormonal birth control so that can be a bit limiting. I pray about it. I'll listen to the Lord on this one. I know that if we are to have more He'll take care of the details. But for now, 5 is what we have and that may be it for us.

    So, I say all that to say, we have very similar responses and answers!

  4. It was interesting reading your thoughts on the subject as they are very similar to our own. With number 4 coming this summer we'll see how we feel as the parents of 4 little ones. We also don't agree with most forms of birth control so when we feel like we need to be done it will probably be a permanent decision.

    While we would love to have many more children, we also want to be able to intentionally disciple the children we have. Movies like Cheaper by the Dozen worry me :)

    Just my rambling two cents.


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