Monday, March 7, 2011

Until The Fog Clears

It was one of those Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde weekends.  We spent all day Saturday out of the house, calling it our Adventure Day.  We even dared to skip naps in the name of fun.  But on Sunday morning, Maddie woke up sick and by the afternoon, Owen was down with it, too.  The fevers and belly aches look to be seeping into our Monday as well. 

I want to share a book delight from the past week for Children's Book Monday, but that will have to wait until all are well and my brain can think.  In the spare corners of the day yesterday, I overhauled my blog categories, in an effort to make it easier to browse my archives.  Scroll to the bottom of my page where I've hidden my word cloud ("Words Fitly Spoken")...and click away. 

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