Sunday, September 4, 2011

Naming Our Summer

Warning: excessive photo alert {wink}

I'm not much of a "namer."  We've never named our cars or our homes, and even naming our babies has, at times, been agonizing.  But I've spent many moments this summer thinking of a word for our summer-- a word to embody all that it held. Moving out of town and to a quiet new house in the country ushered in welcome changes and it feels as though we've suddenly broken from our cocoons.

Because my informal motto of the summer was "people over schedule" (meaning that if we had an opportunity to fellowship or reach out to others, we would make an effort to do that even if it was outside of our comfort zone or disrupted our routine), I had almost settled on the word People for we spent many happy hours among, well...people. 

There were visits with grandmothers...

and great-grandmothers.

We opened our home to guests who brought laughs and good conversation.

There was the weekend when my brother was in town
(from across the country or 2863 driving miles according to Mapquest)
and we seized the opportunity to snap a family picture...

...and there were multiple afternoons to bond with cousins!

 But I couldn't settle on naming our summer People because that was
only part of the picture of our summer.

Some very special things were done alone... going to Horse Camp...

...and learning to walk.

So what do you call a summer of People with a sprinkling of independence, plus injuries, sadness, smiles, celebrations, a little water, and a little sand ?

I have settled on naming our summer Full

Not full of chaos or even a full calendar, but a pleasing and satiated Full

What would your name your summer? 
Leave me a comment or write about it on your blog and leave me the link! 


  1. I'm still thinking...
    "Joy and Sorrow" doesn't count because it's three words.
    "Change" might be a good description.
    Still thinking...

  2. I loved this post Kristin (and all the pics:) I missed you this summer :( And I would name ours:


    Love, Kathi


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