Saturday, September 10, 2011

Summer's Last Hoorah

The first day of autumn is September 23rd, but not one hint of it is was in the air this week.  The weatherman says the cooler days are coming and I will welcome them gladly, but in the meantime, we took the opportunity to eke out a September evening on the beach. 

We ate subs while chasing off gulls and trying to keep the grit out of the kids' food (to no avail). 

Some of us dug in the sand even making a hole big enough to hold seven! 

The same someones enjoyed the surf, though the strong rip currents kept them from venturing too far.  Gavin appointed himself resident life guard and kept his eye on anyone who might possibly "wash away to sea forever." (We witnessed a true life guard rescue tonight, too, so the threat was serious.) 

Alaine decided that she would take a risk in the rough waves.  Even when she fell down flat , she got up with a grin! 

And me?  I'm never been much of a beach girl (at. all.) so I sat in my beach chair taking photos of the festivities.  "Look cute," I prompted these two girls and within two seconds, we had this: 

Okay.  Bring on the soup and the hayrides.


  1. We have yet to visit the beach since we've been back in town. I'm definitely not a beach girl either.

  2. That's just great! My four year old would have been that self appointed life guard. He gets all worried about things and won't let them go. :)


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