Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Books {Tri-Moms}

Today the Tri-Moms are discussing how we share the true meaning of Easter with our kids.  You probably know by now that books are my thing.  When in doubt, read a book. However, it is really hard (near impossible!) to find an Easter book that isn't all about dying eggs and waiting for the Easter bunny. 

For the little ones, this book is excellent.  The rhyming lines always seem to keep even my littlest ones' attention.  Poetry has a way of doing that. I love how it illustrates that egg hunts and bunnies are okay and can be a lot of fun... but that the real meaning of Easter is something more.

What Is Easter?
Michelle Medlock Adams

For the older kids, we chose something meatier this year. This book follows a young boy, Christopher, who has outgrown fairy tales and asks to hear a true story.  He and his parents explore the Easter story, using scripture references from the book of Luke. 

Paul Meier

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One more idea:

Last year, Brian read the Easter story aloud from the Bible while we made Resurrection Cookies as a family. This was a tangible and extremely effective way to illustrate aspects of the Easter story.  I heard of these cookies several years ago, but it wasn't until we made them ourselves that I understood how meaningful this activity could be.  Great for hands-on learners! 

How are you teaching your children about the Resurrection? 

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  1. I always love book recommendations! Thanks. I might have to check out the library this week and see about getting that second book out.

    I really like the line up of the next bunch of topics too!! yeah!

  2. I've seen the cookies several places. I finally clicked through to find out more. I'm hoping we can add them to our celebrations this year.


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