Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Do You...Organize Kids Clothes?

How do you organize clothing now that your kids are in two separate bedrooms? {submitted by Allyson}

Do each of your children have a separate chest of drawers for their clothes? {submitted by Leanna}

In the townhouse, the four oldest kids shared two dressers and kept their underwear and socks in open bins in the closet.  Now the boys keep their clothes in their room and the girls have theirs in Maddie's room. When we moved, we had to divide the furniture between the bedrooms. 

Originally, we put one dresser in each room, but we soon discovered that we needed more storage space.  Brian suggested we hang the majority of their clothes since each bedroom has a large closet, but it wasn't practical for the little boys since they put away their own laundry (and can't reach the rod in the closet). 

We began asking around and looking for dressers in the newspaper and in thrift stores.  We ended up bringing home a large dresser that my aunt and uncle had been keeping in their garage.  I'm not sure where they found it, but it had originally been a hotel dresser.  It even has holes on the top where a television set had been bolted to it.  We decided that it best fit the girls' room so the matching set of dressers got a permanent place in the boys' room.  The new-to-us dresser is so large that we only need to use four drawers (2 each) for their clothing.  One drawer is totally empty and Maddie uses the last drawer as her "treasures drawer."

We knew from the beginning that this dresser needed work and this is where you come in.  How can we make this dresser into a beautiful piece of furniture?  The surface is a shiny laminate, but Rustoleum makes a countertop paint-primer that I think would work.  There aren't many color choices, but I'm thinking white or ivory would be classic and still match even if we change the colors of the room.  If we want more color options, we could do an oil-based primer and latex paint instead. 

And what about knobs or drawer pulls?  Color?  Neutral? 

I need opinions.  Give my your ideas.  Send me links.  Share some pins
And if you have a question for a future "How Do You...?" post, please share that, too! 


  1. I think I'd like white in a little girls' room. Maybe make it girly with drawer pulls since they can be swapped out if needed.

    I love Maddie's work displayed above the dresser.

  2. Its really a fabulous idea! find your desired choice of kids clothing in variety of colors and styles as well!


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