Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That

It's been awhile since I shared much of what we've been up to.  Life has been plodding along as usual with no big changes or happenings, but perhaps I do have a few nuggets to share. 

1) When we brought our tiny puppy home in February, we named him Finn, but we nicknamed him Little Brother. We still think of him as one of the gang, but he's earned a new nickname-- Big Puppy.  Our Big Puppy is four months old, but he weighs 34 pounds-- more than either of our two youngest children.

2) Maddie is taking swimming lessons at the Y.  It is a 6-week beginners course and we can't beat the price ($35 for 6 lessons).  I offered the opportunity to all the older kids, but Gavin and Owen have no interest whatsoever.  One week I had to bring the younger kids with me while Brian and Gavin took Finn to the vet for a check-up.  Benjamin cried the whole time we sat by the pool because he wanted to have swimming lessons, too.  (He expected me to let him jump right in.)

3) Over the winter, we focused on indoor projects.  With the warmer weather, we have moved outside.  We have three lamp posts along the driveway that were desperately in need of a coat of paint.  Plus they didn't work.  With a little fiddling, Brian got them working one evening, but we still haven't found the light switch.  For now, we turn them on and off via the breaker box.  Last Saturday, I had the honor of painting them while Brian moved on to a bigger project.  Along one side of our property is a line of Leyland Cypress trees, some of which died and fell over and some of which were hopelessly tangled in vines. 

Between the chainsaw, a hand saw, a pair of trimmers, a rake, and five sets of hands, we've managed to clear some of it.  Three down...about ten to go. 

4)We only have three weeks of school left after this one!  We finished history two weeks ago and we'll finish up the rest of our subjects one by one until we put the school books away for the summer.  Field Day is sandwiched in there somewhere, too.  We start back to school at the beginning of August so I think I figured we'll have an eleven week break this year.  (Of course, we never stop learning.  I have a few plans to sneak in learning over the summer, and I'm already planning next year.) 

5) Brian is working six days a week and some evenings.  On top of the regular spring grass cutting, he is also working to finish a big commercial landscaping job.  He should finish up just in time for our just-the-two-of-us weekend trip away. 

What has your family been up to? 


  1. We have been busy also, I planted my garden, made it twice as big as last year, we found land, and now its a waiting process with the bank, hopefully we will have an answer this week, so we can get moving on building our home. We are almost done with homeschooling, we have about 4 weeks left.

  2. T is finished with phonics {woo hoo!} so school has been simpler, with just reading and math {which he's super-quick at}. Which gives us more play time outside! We spent the day at the beach today - first day since last year! So very fun! I love these warm weather months!


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