Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tri-Moms: A Name Change

Next week's Tri-Moms topic is Spring Cleaning and in the meantime, the Tri-Moms are doing a bit of blog spring cleaning.  We've decided to sweep out the Tri-Moms name and become something more inclusive.  While our topics will still mostly appeal to moms, we want to welcome all our readers, including single women, newly-marrieds, young moms, and veteran moms. 

Starting now, we are the TIPsters.  We want to Teach you, Inspire you, and Promote the calling of family and womanhood! 

Your regular hosts are the same, but we also want to invite you to join us!  Starting next week, we'd like to have guest posters join us in sharing our topic.  If you have something to say about one of the remaining spring topics and are interested in writing a post on your own blog, leave a comment and one of us will contact you soon. 

April 17: Spring Cleaning
May 1: Reflecting on the Past School Year
May 15: Summer Learning Plans

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the NEW blog name - and the same GREAT content.... :D


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