Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a "Teeny Tiny" book review

When author, Rosemary Evans, first contacted me about reviewing her books on my blog, I was excited.

Then I got a real case of stage fright. 

Wonder if I don't like her books?  What do I say then?  I need to be honest, but I don't want to hurt her feelings!

After the package with the books arrived in the mail, I stacked them neatly on the cedar chest in my bedroom and tried to forget about them for awhile.  I knew I was putting off the inevitable so I finally psyched myself up to read them.  I resolved that I would give an honest review, whether  good or bad. 

After a quick skimming, I called Maddie (8) and Owen (6) over to read with me.  We began with Teeny Tiny Tina: The Teeny Tiny Toothfairy.  With an all-girl character list, this one appealed to Maddie, but Owen hung in there, too.  With bright, cheerful illustrations, the story moved quickly, and to my relief, was a well-written and engaging story!  It was the tale of three sisters, two of whom were tooth fairies and one who was rather impatiently waiting to grow up and join them. 

I tried to imagine picking this book up on my own from the library and wondered if I would return it after one reading or if  it would be one that we would read again.  I can honestly say that it would be a repeat!  While I was dreading a dull, twaddly story, I was pleasantly surprised with substance. 

(The only criticism I have is that as the self-professed grammar police, I was a little puzzled as to why the title named Tina a toothfairy (one word) while in the book she was referred to as a tooth fairy (two words).  I'm a little weird that way.)

Next we read The Adventures of the Little Prince.  Though targeted for  boys, this was my favorite.  Told in classic fairy tale form, this book follows a young boy as he sets off from his home, the palace, to seek adventure.  Though he is far from home, he continues to live out the principles that have been ingrained in his heart.  Even away from the watchful eyes of his parents, he practices honesty, generosity, and kindness, showing himself to be a true prince. 

I love the last page of the book that lists the attributes of a prince that little readers can aspire to emulate:  bravery... resourcefulness... unselfishness...

When I read the list to Owen, he said, "Am I all those things?"  I love that the simple words of this book set his little heart to pondering. 

To read more about these special storybooks, plus see other books and products by Rosemary Evans, visit her website by clicking here

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  1. phew.

    aren't you glad that's over?!

    ... we'll have to look at our NEW library for these.


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