Sunday, September 9, 2012

One Last Toast to Summer

There was pool time...

...and sliding and splashing.

There was snuggling...


...and purple bubbles. 

There were even homemade double chocolate cookies for dessert.

That was the first part of the weekend-- a sunny Saturday after a week of rain.

Then another rain storm blew in, leaving us without power for a few hours and saturating our yard...

...and Brian's work truck and trailer getting stuck in the mud at the end of the driveway...

...and our van getting stuck trying to drive around the truck. 

There was the neighbor who came and pulled out the truck with his tractor...

...and Brian pulling the van out with his truck and a tow rope while I steered (gulp!). 

There was also the jungle of a yard that needed to be cut but was so incredibly wet that Brian weed-whacked the whole mess of it!  Well, what can be seen from the road anyway.

Add  a trip to the grocery store where I witnessed the police arresting  a young guy for shoplifting...

...and a cold raging among four-sevenths of us...

It was quite the weekend. 


  1. Oh my. Blah.

    (The whole front yard with a weed whacker?????!!! YIKES!)

  2. Sounds like a very full weekend. We've been watching far too many movies with all this rain :( However, I was thrilled when I walked outside this morning and I was instantly cold. I love fall!

  3. Wow... that was quite a weekend! Praise the Lord for that wonderful Saturday! :)

  4. i hope things are going much better now that it's wednesday.

    i cannot believe Brian weed-whacked your whole yard.

    ***HERE'S TO FALL!
    kathi :)


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