Friday, September 28, 2012

Round Two of the {Autumn} Dress

The momentum is going now.  Without it, I'm sure I would have declared the dress too small long ago. I mean, come on.  She's worn it every season, starting last summer and continuing into fall.  The we stretched it into a winter dress...and then spring...and summer.  Surely, it's too small now, but really, it's not. 

It is getting a little short, though, even as a tunic so for the autumn version, I wanted to add a bottom ruffle.  Not being an experienced seamstress, I wasn't sure I could do it, but I borrowed my mom's machine, set aside a few hours to work, and was pleasantly pleased with my results. 

Having given the border my all, I decided this season's embellishment needed to be ultra-simple so I stitched a oversized yo-yo from an old T-shirt and tacked down a button, creating an autumn flower.

It was also time to replace the button on the back-- replacing the green button with a clear, glittery flower button. 

While she models it the next couple of months, my mind will be spinning, thinking of the next design.  Gotta keep it going...

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  1. Love it looks great! Alaine looks so cute in it too! What a way to be creative! Great job Kristin!

  2. So, so cute! I love the ruffle on the bottom. It makes it look like a totally new dress!

    And I think that Alaine looks like you in the first picture.

  3. So cute! Of, course I am partial to ruffle bottom dresses :)

    Thanks for linking up to our Finished Friday Blog Party.


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