Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Spring Dress

So much for March coming in like a lion.  We've had so many 75  and 80 degree days already, but now that spring has officially sprung, it is time to continue the Dress Project

For those of you just tuning in...Alaine was given a pretty, polka-dot Old Navy sundress last year as a hand-me-down from an older cousin.  When summer turned into fall, I removed the hot pink fabric flower and replaced it with orange button and a dangling copper leaf.  She wore the sundress over a long sleeve shirt.  After Thanksgiving, I replaced the button and leaf with a red Christmas flower that had a silver bead center.  She wore the dress as a tunic top over jeans.  (photos here)

In January, I went for a softer, cozy look and added  icy blue pom-poms.  (photos here)

I was ready to add more bright, cheerful color back into the dress.  Inspired by these heart pins, I made a  felt flower pin that can be removed when laundering the dress (or removed and saved for later when spring moves into summer again). 

With the spring dress, we're ditching the jeans and corduroys and pairing it with a hot pink T-shirt and leggings instead. 

I'm having so much fun with the Dress Project that I think I'll re-do the dress every season until she just can't wear it anymore!  So...when does it need the next makeover? (May? June?)  Any ideas for the next design?  I'd love your opinions and links and pins

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  1. I found this on Pinterest. I can't find the pin but I did copy the link into a document thinking that this would make a cute summer embellishment to the dress...

  2. And I am wondering...if the second dress makes it through to Alaine too (although it will have gone through two girls, so it may not), will you use the add-ons you used with this one, or will you begin afresh with new ideas?

    It has been fun watching the recreation of the dress! (But even more fun getting to hug the little girl wearing it! ♥)

  3. Hi Kristin: I'm Connie at, your new GF friend, I would love it if you would stop by and be my friend, too.
    May I just say you have a lovely family.
    Thanks for sharing the dress project. I'm always looking for an easy dress to make my granddaughter.

  4. Adorable! The new look for the dress AND the cutie-pie with the sweet pigtails.

  5. I love seeing the creative things you do with the dress each season. Alaine is adorable!


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