Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Do You...Keep Up With the Laundry?

How do you get the laundry done?   
submitted by Allyson

A family our size (2 adults, 5 kids under 10), generates a lot of laundry.  A husband in the grass cutting business brings home stinky, dusty laundry.  Three rough and tumble boys toss a lot of laundry into my hamper.  A girl with a puppy brings in a lot of (pink) muddy laundry.  A toddler who eats with her own fork and spoon contributes to the laundry, too.  It really never ends!  It is never done

Still, I rarely go to bed with laundry in my living room floor or even in my laundry basket.  How do I do it?

1) I like laundry.  It's relaxing and it's easy so I don't procrastinate.

2) It sounds silly, but I only wash what's dirtyIf you didn't spill something on it or sweat in it, put it away in your drawer when you take it off.  Pajamas only need to be washed once every 4-5 days.

3) I do 2-3 loads a day, every day.  I don't let it accumulate in the laundry room so it rarely gets overwhelming or out of hand.

4) I fold.  The kids put away.   Usually, I dump all the clean clothes on the living room floor.  It is motivation to get it folded right away because I don't want to step around piles.  I don't think well with clutter lying about. 


5) When I have an especially large amount of folding to do or I need the clothing put away quickly (like when we're expecting company), I pay the kids a penny for each item they put away as I fold.  They race to see how much money they can earn. 

How do you tackle the laundry?  Let us know in the comments.
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  1. Ha, fun topic! I've got 2 adults and 7 children age 10 and under. 5 of those are boys.

    I do 2-3 loads a day as well, one being cloth diapers. My secret - I don't fold laundry ever! We do 'laundry party' and everyone helps toss clothes into basket by bedroom (we have 3 bedrooms between the 9 of us). Then the children go put away their laundry and help the little ones in their room if needed. Mommy puts away her laundry and the 2 month old and 1 year old's clothes (with 1yo helping me). Ta da!

  2. I am right there with you, 2 adults and 6 kids, there is alot of laundry, I wash twice a week, Wed and Sat, I have a system and it works good for me. I also fold and put in the kids baskets and they put away. I do the samething with the kids, wear your pants or shirt more than once esp if there is nothing spilled or dirty on it.

  3. I do 1-3 loads every day. Cloth diapers get washed every day and Tim's scrubs get washed with a load of darks as soon as he gets home from work. The other laundry gets fit in depending on what day it is and how much there is in the hamper.

    We try to only wash what is actually dirty, but sometimes the kids throw their clothes into the hamper instead of putting them back into their drawers :)

    Kristin, I'm really enjoying your how do you series. Thanks for your great ideas!

  4. I REALLY like the paying them a penny to do it! My kids might actually start figuring it out if I do that, and a penny is TOTALLY affordable! Not to mention that I don't have to deal with my loose change anymore and the kids have money in their piggy banks!

  5. hey there, i love your blog so much, I get so many wonderful tips from you, I wanted to give you the Liebster award, come on over to my blog and see what you have to do. Be Blessed

  6. Do each of your children have a separate area (chest of drawers, etc) for their clothes? We have three, with a baby on the way, and I struggle more with what to do after the clothes are folded than the actual washing, drying, folding part.


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