Monday, March 12, 2012

A Milestone of Sorts

Every single day of the past ten years I have been either pregnant or nursing or both.  That's something worth noting, don't you think?!

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  1. Mine's been 5 1/2 years, so I think 10 years is definitely noteworthy. Congratulations on continuing to make motherhood a wonderful position and a daily striving after God's grace.

  2. Wonderful, I love hearing these kinds of stories of motherhood. Mine has been 14 years and I must say I am done, my family is complete, 5 boys and 1 girl what a blessing I must say.

  3. I had a month gap between weaning Maddie and getting pregnant with Will, so my number isn't consecutive...but right now it's 4 years, 9 months and counting.

  4. What a woman!
    Seriously, I am so impressed and proud of women like you.

    Childbearing/rearing has infinite rewards. There is really nothing else that offers that kind of pay-back-for-time invested. But lets face it, it is REALLY hard sometimes!

    Like when you've got the flu and this little person needs to nurse and you don't want anybody to TOUCH you!

    Only another mother who has walked in your path can fully relate to both the bliss and the pain!
    This is a big milestone and I applaud you:)

  5. Hmmmm. So are you still nursing, or are you trying to tell us something? ;)

    (Definitely noteworthy. :)

  6. Totally note worthy! Thanks for sharing. How fun!

  7. No hidden messages. :-) I am still nursing, although she only nurses once a day now.

  8. Has Alaine dropped down to once a day on her own or are you encouraging her to do that. I think either way is completely fine, I'm just curious.

    Eliya still nurses at nap and bed time, but I'm wanting to drop one of those. With the older two I dropped bed time first because they still nursed to sleep at nap time and I didn't want to risk them not taking naps. Eliya doesn't nurse to sleep at all so I think I might drop the nap time nursing first. Any thoughts?

  9. Until January, Alaine was nursing three times a day-- morning, naptime, and bedtime. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I was still able nurse her because I did not take the narcotic, BUT I didn't feel like nursing much for a couple of days, and because Brian was putting her to bed, she never asked. Ever since then, she only asks in the mornings so I'm okay with that. (It's like her morning cup of coffee, I guess.) If Eliya doesn't nurse to sleep, I'd say eliminate whatever feeding is most inconvenient to you and see how she does. You can always change your mind if it isn't working.

  10. You go, girl! We got preggo three months into our marriage, so minus that and the one month between stopping nursing and getting pregnant with each baby, I've been one or the other my whole married life. Whew! We've been married for just over six years now. It's a LOT, but so worth it! I think my baby is dropping down to once a day. It's always a little sad, but nice too. Congrats to you for 10 years!

  11. I was gonna ask ... are you through with both? ... but I see Elise beat me to it. (and then I would have been slightly upset to learn of either through your blog:)

    Got your email. Not yet. Hope you feel a little less crazy today :)

    I still have a book in my drafts for you...speaking of books, did you move forward with Birth Stories?


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