Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tri-Moms: Gardening With Kids

Today the Tri-Moms are discussing gardening...but I have a little confession.  I don't garden.  The two times I've tried to grow tomatoes, my experiment failed miserably.  One time the plant produced fruit, but the tomatoes rotted before they were large enough to pick.  The second time, the vine grew and grew and grew, yet never produced any fruit at all. 

So what does this very decidedly inside girl do when she discovers she does not have a green thumb?  She reads about it instead!  Both of these garden-y selections are fun, well-written stories, worth reading every spring!

  On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown

The Gardenerby Sarah Stewart

But perhaps your kids want to get their hands dirty (and reading about it is not doing the trick).  Another idea to get children involved in gardening that does involve some dirt and sunshine (but does not involve the wholehearted gardening effort that I'm avoiding) is to let your children do some pot planting.  One year we planted daffodils and hyacinths with great success!  It was inexpensive and easy. (Read about our experience here.)   Another year we had a sunflower surprise.  (Read about that here.)

This year we are attempting to grow an elm tree from seeds, but no luck thus far. 

So, tell me.  Do you garden?  Am I the only slacker who takes vegetable hand-outs from friends and neighbors? 

As always...take a moment to visit my fellow Tri-Moms,
Allyson and Christy.
I'm pretty sure their thumbs are greener than mine.

Coming Soon:
April 3: Celebrating the Meaning of Easter
April 17: Spring Cleaning
May 1: Reflecting on the Past School Year
May 15: Summer Learning Plans


  1. I don't garden, mostly because my husband is always trying his hand at it. We haven't had much success recently though. :( When we were first married and lived in an apartment, we a "vine ripe" tomato from the store actually sprout on our counter! My husband planted it and for several years we had the best tomatoes! It would be nice to have a full-fledged garden someday though.

  2. I don't garden either. The End.

    (but my kiddos do pansies in pots sometimes)

    (and we did a beautiful Sunflower Garden at home in Cincinnati once. Well, Brian and the kids did.)

    ...I do have 2 houseplants. They need watered.


  3. I kill everything I touch. I'm surprised the kids are still alive. 'Nuff said lol.

  4. Yes, we love to garden, I put out fall bulbs in all my flower pots, and they are popping up now, pretty purples/pinks/yellows. We will be tilling our garden next week, the kids do potatoes for 4H, and we do about 10 different veggies.


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