Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Night at the Movies

We've made an extra effort this November and December to make memories at home.  While we've had fun out and about, too, there is something especially comforting about snuggling in at home together. 

Brian had the idea to re-create a movie theater experience!  It was far cheaper for our family of seven than going out,  we could attend in our PJs, and the little ones could go to bed mid-movie if need be. 

We popped some popcorn and put it in rolled down paper lunch sacks.  We put a small assortment of candy in bowls.  Brian gave each of the kids an Uno card to use for a ticket, and then we invited each one to wait in line to place an order at the kitchen counter. 

At this point, it little mattered what we watched (though they loved that, too)! 

How are you making memories this December?


  1. Fun! I can imagine the smiles! :D

    (I think my group is too old for the Uno "tickets," but everyone enjoys the bowls of candy on movie night!

  2. What a fun idea! My kiddos love movie night with daddy and this will be a great surprise for them.


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