Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Size Sorting Busy Bag

Want an easy learning activity that you can pull together with things you have around the house? 

Begin by saving a variety of plastic or metal lids-- from the milk jug, the pizza sauce, the yogurt, the peanut butter jar, etc. Choose four or five in graduated sizes. Arrange them from smallest to biggest and trace the outline of each on a sheet of heavy paper.   You can label the paper like I did (or not!). 

Give your child the lids and the paper and have them match the sizes. 

It's a simple as that. 

Do you have any simple learning ideas?


  1. We have an activity just like this in one of our busy bags. I was planning on posting about it after the holidays. If I do, I'll be linking to you :)

  2. we saved lids for a long time last winter, when i was on my "untoy" kick :)

    they just played with them, they didn't learn from them.

    and when we reached 592 lids ... i caved and threw them all out!

    PS ... Judah is fine.


  3. what a simple idea! i love it. evaleigh would love it. now to save some lids... :)


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