Friday, December 16, 2011

3 Accesories For the Busy Mama

I don't know about you, but when it is time to get dressed in the morning, I gravitate toward my jeans and T-shirts or jeans and sweaters because they are the comfortable, easy to pull on, and easy to clean.  All those things are important to me because my bunch of little ones keep me moving, and spills or cooking mishaps are inevitable, plus I'm still nursing a couple of times a day, too.  I don't have time for a lot of hassle with clothes.  Sometimes, though, I can feel kind of frumpy wearing the same things day after day.  You, too? 

With holiday events popping up all month long, even the busy-nursing-struggling-tired mom wants to look pulled together. (For that matter, it can be fun to jazz it up even if you are only running out to the grocery store.)    Why not try one of these easy accessories to make your outfit *pop*-- even your jeans and T-shirts!

1) A scarf.

They are comfortable, warm, stylish, and they only take a few seconds to pull on.  Infinity scarves (the ones that are essentially one big ring of fabric) are certainly the fastest, but even the traditional scarf is easy enough to learn (especially with this fabulously fun video!):

Try contrasting colors (I did pink with orange at a Thanksgiving party), matching colors, or whatever makes you feel good.  Wear your scarf alone with a T-shirt or pair it with a sweater. 

 2) A belt. 

Okay.  Let's get personal.  I've always said I was too busy for belts.  When I go the bathroom, I often have a little person or two join me so the extra time it took to buckle and un-buckle a belt was time I didn't want to take.  However, wearing a belt on the outside of your clothing is easy-peasy because it can stay buckled all day.  (If you are a frequently nursing mama, a belt could still be a little cumbersome.)


I didn't even own a belt until a few months ago.  In fact when we were out shopping, I told Maddie I needed to go look in the belt section, and she said, "For what?  Are you buying a belt for Daddy?"  I ended up finding a belt in the clearance section of Walmart for $3.  I bought one in a size larger than I would normally wear so I have the option of wearing it at waist level or lower on my hips.  If you don't have a belt and don't have money in the budget for one, try wearing a scarf around your waist instead!

You know what?  A belt is great  for camouflaging a post-baby tummy, too. 

3) A cute pair of shoes.
Shoes can really pull an outfit together.  I go barefoot in the house, but that's obviously not an option when I go out.  Instead of pulling on a pair of sneakers, why not go for a pair of ballet flats or boots?  They can be just as comfortable, yet give you a more put-together appearance.  In other words, they can make your jeans and T-shirts feel dressier. 

What are you wearing this December?

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  1. I'm loving scarves this winter. I must have at least 10, all made or bought at Goodwill or on clearance last year. My wardrobe is very basic so I love the versatility that scarves add.

  2. I am also LOVING scarves this winter!! They add so much fun to an outfit! And, I am on a boot kick, so that past few years, I have been buying different boots (mostly on sale at Target!!!)

  3. I lLOVE scarves. You know, I am a mother of six children. I have a belly and that's not fun :( Scarves mask my belly a little:-)


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