Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tri-Moms: Homemade Gift Ideas

I'll admit that some years I do better at homemade gifts that others.  Some years it is easier to find a good bargain at the store than to make a gift myself.  At first I felt guilty about buying gifts when I had the skills to make them, too, but I've come to realize that there is a time and season for everything, and that includes gift making.  I have through the years, though, made a gift or two... and it really is a lot of fun to give someone a gift that you put your heart and time into. 

One year, I made each of my nieces and nephew (seven at the time) plus my youngest sister and my children (three at the time) all embroidered T-shirts.  I started in the summer and finished up some time before Thanksgiving. I embroidered a handbag for my mother-in-law the same year.

Another year I had Gavin draw a picture of Brian on a piece of white material and then I embroidered over his pencil marks and sewed it into a bookmark.  The kids and I also made similar bookmarks for their grandparents and one of their aunts. 

This snowman hat is pretty cute.  I made them for Maddie and Owen one year for Christmas and every time they went out, they received compliments.  I made another when Benjamin was a baby and I just finished  sewing a girly one with a pink scarf and purple buttons to tuck under the tree for Alaine this year. 

But maybe sewing is not your thing.  There are other ways to create. 

One year, my kids drew tiny pictures and we slipped them into plastic photo keychains to give to Daddy and Grandma. 

Another year I took a photo of my grandparents' house in the fall when their house was surrounded by beautiful leaves.  Then I framed the photo and gave it to my grandfather for Christmas. 

Another time Maddie and I etched and painted candles (which was far easier than it sounds!). 

When my sister was four or five, she drew a portrait of our extended family.  I photocopied her work and printed it onto blank note-cards to give our mom. 

We've even snipped a bit of mint from our plant, replanted it in a pretty cup, and given that as a gift. 

When you purpose to be creative, the possibilities really are endless.  (But it's okay to go shopping, too.)

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My sister, Kati, has posted a series of homemade gift ideas on her blog this year, too.  Be sure to click on over! 

And as always...
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