Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year According to Blogging

The funny and not-so-funny kick-off to 2011
"The Sop" and "Owen's Arm"


We celebrated 10 years of marriage in August, but I shared our story six months early:

"Our Love Story"


I talked about real life in a big(ger) family in:
"In Reality" and "To the Stuggling Mama"
plus answered a bunch of reader questions:
"Three on Thursday"


I talked about getting ready to move here:
"Slow and Steady"

I had to adjust to a new routine in a new place:

"In the Interest of Full Disclosure"

we made a few adjustments:



I discussed taking five kids to the grocery store:
"Surviving the Grocery Aisles"


I hit a chord, confessing the difficulties of homeschooling with little ones
"Are You Homeschooling With a Baby...and Maybe a Toddler, Too?"


I shared how we clothe five children:

"Clothing a Bunch"

Alaine celebrated her first birthday!


 I devoted 31 Days to speak to the struggling mother.  This most popular post was:
"It's Okay"

I shared a little of my background, starting with my childhood:

"My Story"

I got into the holiday spirit, sharing our favorite Christmas reads:
"Christmas Books"
and favorite Christmas cookie:
"Quest For the Best"

Do you have a favorite blog post that you wrote in 2011?  Leave the link in the comments.  I'll be recovering from dental surgery the first week of January and I'd love to have a little stockpile of reading. 

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  1. I have been thinking about doing a "year in review" kind of post, as many others in Blogland are doing them...and I find it quite interesting to see a list of highlights all in one place. Your post this morning was the inspiration I needed to put it all together, and I have spent WAY to much time doing it, but here it is.


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