Sunday, April 28, 2013

A (Rescheduled) April Saturday

Okay, so it's not Saturday anymore, but Saturday was one of those days that was so full, there wasn't time to write about it! I had intended to write this post on a January Saturday, but we had a couple of inches of snow.  Then we rescheduled for a February Saturday and it rained.  March?  Same story-- torrential rain.  We had almost given up when we tentatively made plans for this late April Saturday, but we awoke to brilliant blue skies, near-perfect temperatures, and a light breeze. 

On this rescheduled April Saturday, we got a new swing set!

When we moved into our house (almost 2 years ago to the day), a friend gave us a wooden swing set that was sitting unused in her backyard.  There were a few rotten boards and it needed a roof, but we got a lot of mileage out of that set.  One of Brian's winter projects was to fix it up so we could eke a few more years out of it.  That is, until other friends who live a few miles down the road called and offered their kids' outgrown swing set to us if we could find a way to transfer it to our house.  Mission accepted! 

Right before that January Saturday, Brian and the kids took the other swing set apart to make room in our yard for the new one, but since plans changed, our yard sat empty all winter and early spring. 

But like I said, on this rescheduled April Saturday, the weather was just right. 

It's not hard for me to come up with an excuse to try a new dessert so while the men were hauling and dragging and nailing, I baked a batch of coconut chocolate chip cookies to accompany the lunch we served the hungry workers.  I love a chewy cookie and these were exactly that!

More construction in the afternoon...

I even took advantage of the sunny afternoon and went for a 5-mile run.  I earned my first sunburn, too.

By this point, we could have called it a day, but evening was still to come and Maddie and I had plans to go to a musical put on by a local Christian school.  Last year they performed Annie and this year it was The Music Man

We met a group of other ladies there, but it was so well-attended that we ended up sitting in pairs all around the room.  After the show there was time for autographs and few pictures.

posing with "Professor Hill"
"Marion Paroo" signing autographs

How did you fill your weekend? 

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  1. What an amazing swing set! I'm so glad you were finally able to get it moved and set up. I bet the kids LOVE it!


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