Friday, April 26, 2013


Reflecting on my week...
Smelled Fresh-cut grass; it was much needed.  Even though Brian cut it two weeks ago, it was a jungle out there! Gavin's allergies flared up.  He had itchy swollen eyes and a packed stuffy nose.  It happens every spring.  Maddie has been battling allergies for the first time this year, too.  I used to get allergies every year, until the year that I was pregnant with Gavin.  I haven't had them since.  

Saw: Tent caterpillars; in the middle of grass cutting, Brian came in the house to get a jacket and asked me to come out and see the tent caterpillars that had just hatched from their silk tent.  More signs of spring. I was fascinated and totally creeped at the same time. Thankfully, they hatched in the woods at the back of our property!

Felt: A wild swing of weather; it was cold and breezy last weekend, then cloudy, damp, and cool to start the week, in the 70s by Wednesday, then sunny and more seasonable today.  Welcome to spring, I guess.  

I've felt a range of emotions this week, too:  excitement, laziness, frustration, contentment, fear...  Between adjusting to Brian's crazy loooong spring working hours and big decisions and losing Alaine for a full 5-10 minutes and calling and calling and not knowing where she was, it was a roller coaster week, I tell you.  

Tasted: Homemade breadsticks and oatmeal chocolate chip bread; it was a busy week, but not too busy for a few taste treats. Plus my mom gave us a loaf of homemade cinnamon bread that I ate for breakfast all week. We ate our first spring strawberries, too. 


  1. Those caterpillars would creep me out too! And how scary to lose Alaine. Were you at home or out and about? I'm not scared of many things, but losing one of the kids in a crowded public place is definitely on the list!

    Hope you have a good day & Brian gets off a little earlier tonight :)

  2. That picture makes my skin crawl.

    For that matter, so did Alaine's disappearance! (To was at MY house! ~shudder~)

  3. We were at co-op when we lost Alaine. It was at my mom's house this month. After we were done the day's activities, all the kids went outside to play. One of them came in and said, "Is Alaine with you because she was just here, but now we can't find her." All the moms jumped into action. Someone went to look upstairs, someone checked around the sewer, in trees... We even checked places we didn't think she'd be like near the road and in the laundry room. The kids called and called and there was no sign of her. After about 5-10 minutes of this, she wandered out smiling from a few trees near the garden. I don't think she had any idea how much she had scared us.


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