Monday, April 22, 2013

(No-Mess) Preschool Fun

It's been just about a year now since we instituted Preschool Hour in our house.  In case you don't know, it's where we set aside our math books and elementary-level history lessons during morning school time and give our two preschoolers a special activity.  I aim for once a week, but it varies.  Sometimes it lasts an hour.  Often it's a lot less. 

Two weeks ago, we tried Mess-Free Finger Painting.  There really was no mess, just as promised.  We used acrylic paint and regular gallon-sized bags.  There was a learning curve in figuring out how to move the paint under the surface, which explains Ben's huge frown. Another great thing about this activity?  There was nothing to save.  Once it was done, it all went in the trash can. 

Last week we did a three little pigs story activity.   I printed this simple template of three line-drawn houses, but you could draw your own.  Then I gave my preschoolers a pile of toothpicks, a pile of hay-colored embroidery floss (you could use yarn or ribbon or raffia), and a pile of Lego bricks and told them to "build" the little pigs' houses. 

I want to point out what happens every time I give my two preschoolers a special project.  Watch the progression of photos. 

1 preschooler
(and the toes of another preschooler)

1 preschooler + an older sibling,
1 preschooler + 2 older siblings!

Have you done anything special with your young children recently? Any ideas for what we can do at our next Preschool Hour? 

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