Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spreading the Good News

We got a surprise in the mail a few weeks ago.  Our kids think it is the greatest of  privileges to be the one asked to go out and check the mail.  It's always a special thrill when they are able to come back in the house yelling, "Mail call!" and hand out letters or bills or the rare package.  On this particular day we were not expecting a package so when we opened the big yellow envelope and found that the people at What's in the Bible?  had sent us the latest DVD in the series--Volume 11, Spreading the Good News-- as a surprise and thank you for working with them, we were excited and appreciative!  (We were planning to buy it anyway so getting it free made it even better!)

Volume 11 tackles the book of Acts.  While Volumes 1-9 (the Old Testament) laid out the reasons why we need a Savior to rescue us and showed us how God had a plan for salvation from the very beginning...and while Volume 10 (the Gospels) illustrated how Jesus became Salvation and Redemption for sinners... Volume 11 shares how the Good News ripples out from Jerusalem and is carried to the world. 

The first episode focuses on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit, and the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  The second episode teaches about Peter's vision of the unclean animals and the life and ministry of Paul to the Gentiles.  There is an especially moving segment about Paul's transformation from a legalistic, Jesus-hating Pharisee to a passionate follower of Christ.

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Our family is excited about another resource from What's in the Bible?  that we plan to use in our homeschool next year.  It is a set of 12 Scripture memory cards in color with various characters from the DVD series.  We love how Phil Vischer and the What's in the Bible? team encourage children and families to delve deep into God's Word--  memorizing, understanding, and applying what they learn. 

Click on the memory card below to download the entire set for FREE! 

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