Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day on Saturday

We planned a big dinner for Brian's family on the evening before Mother's Day.  Really, it was just another excuse for us all to get together.  I love family get togethers! 

In the week leading up to the party, the kids and I did a little cleaning.  We did a little cooking.  We did a little decorating.

sewn paper banner

It was so much fun adding bright, cheerful colors to the decor.  I made this banner cheaply and quickly on my sewing machine with scrapbook paper and white thread.  For the centerpiece we bought three potted tulip plants that also doubled as gifts for the mothers. 

I removed the pink paper from the middle one and put it in a yellow bowl to match our color scheme. 

The card was inspired by one in the Craft-a-Day book I picked up at the library and then didn't want to return-- the one I simply must own soon!

I did a little panicking when I found out Brian had to work Saturday and wouldn't be home to help with any last minute preparations!  As it turned out, a few hours after he got to work, it started raining so he was able to come home early. The sun was shining brightly again by party time.

Posing in our party clothes

Before I did any inviting, I brainstormed ideas for a meal that could feed 20 people.  I didn't want to commit and then panic trying to find a dish large enough to feed us all.  I don't consider myself to be much of a cook (I'd much rather bake!), but Brian suggested we order fried chicken so that's what we did.  Each family contributed side dishes to the meal and we had a lovely variety of food. 

We feasted on chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls, and sweet potato biscuits

It probably sounds cheesy, but we also feasted on great conversation and fellowship-- laughing, telling stories, and catching up.

Giggling cousins

For dessert, we shared brownies and chocolate chip cookies, plus a pineapple birthday cake since my sister-in-law's, Carrie, shares her birthday with Mother's Day this year. 

mini pennant to match the wall banner

Before everyone left to go home, we snapped a few group pictures. 

Brian's brother, Mark; their mom; Brian; Brian's sister, Amy
Grandma with 12 of her 15 grandchildren--
notice the posing girls and the face-making boys!

The 4 moms

We plan to spend Mother's Day at home eating leftovers and relaxing (well, aside for the 5-mile run I hope to do in the afternoon). The kids have asked if we can play a few games and the Survivor finale is on tomorrow night, too.  It's shaping up to be a great end to the weekend!

Did you do anything special for Mother's Day? 

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  1. Happy Mother's Day, Kristin! You look fabulous! :) And your Saturday celebration sounded like fun!


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